Symphony No. 3 (1873): Remy Ballot / Altomonte Orchestra / Gramola CD

19.09.2014 23:29

This disc presents the St. Florian premiere performance of the first version of Bruckner’s 3rd Symphony, recorded in the Priory Basilica of the St. Florian Monastery during the 2013 BrucknerTage Festival by the Altomonte Orchestra, conducted by Rémy Ballot. With a greatly expanded final movement, greater overall grandiosity and structural logic, and more sense to be made of the Wagner and other musical quotes embedded in the work, this original version is finding new champions.

Founded in 1996, the Altomonte Orchestra was here expanded by musicians from twelve countries in order to accomplish the St. Florian premiere.

Paris-born and educated Rémy Ballot has lived in Vienna since 2004 and appears as a conductor throughout Europe. His conducting debut in St. Florian came in 2011, with Bruckner’s 4th Symphony.